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Jan 7,2015
application for sponsorship,partnership & trials
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The club is a newly colts club established four
years ago in the Tema Ashaiman metropolist.the aim and objectives are to foster discipline,
academic excellence and to bring out the best in the Ghanaian child etc.we are winners in the
colts league in the 2013-2014.we would send you
all the necessary documentations after we hear
favourably from 233057807520
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Dec 11,2014
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Dec 6,2014
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An athletics club located in Accra is humbly seeking for sponsorship.
Any donations are welcome.
Please contact:+233-243-226185
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Nov 16,2014
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An athletics club located in Accra is humbly seeking for sponsorship.
Any donations are welcome.
Please contact:+233-243-226185
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Nov 11,2014
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The present generation of Ghanaian youth faces many difficult challenges in their development into adults than ever before. In Ghana many youth relay on the government for jobs they never get after their extensive classroom education, thinking is the only way to success forgetting their God giving talent which they can easily develop. But the question is HOW?
Unemployment problem in Ghana rises especially in the rural areas each day persistently that even to get a four square meal becomes difficult, this entices some youth to engage themselves in deviant behaviors such as armed robbery, prostitution, smoking, internet-fraud, and drug abuse for survival and also resulting into the high rate of migration to cities, in and out of countries, giving headache to our leaders. It has been proven over the years that youth development does not solely depend on classroom knowledge but also exposure to handicrafts and creating of own jobs.

However, we as a team wants to inspire the youth by helping them discover their talents, accept to be trained, learn to develop their talent and create their own jobs, earn more wealth from the use of their own hands and be independent in order to be less contingent on the government. This will go a long way to improve the economy standard for not only Avatime youth but that of the country Ghana as a whole.

This unique event is to encourage busy workers, Managing Directors, CEOâ??s, Teachers, Doctors, the youth and the entire country to embrace an active lifestyle, encourage international tourism and create platform for networking and team building and more so, encourage handicraft in the country.

The team is undertaking this particular project because we want to create an opportunity for those that are academically poor, drop outs, disable but talented and others who think they canâ??t make it in life, so as they may not be a burden on the government and the community since they can work to provide shelter for themselves. This is the best project we can undertake in order to keep our youth in the villages busy and for them to make something meaningful for themselves rather than migrating from rural areas to Towns and cities in search of non-existing jobs.
Migration to the Rural-Urban areas has also significantly changed the traditional kinship structure that provided nurturance, safe places and mentors young people need to be socially, emotionally, ethically, physically and academically competent. With the breakdown of the traditional family structure or the inability of the traditional family system to act as the agent for the transmission and renewal of socio-cultural values, it is imperative to design youth development programs and education system, which compensates for the destruction of our traditional youth development systems.

This Project however focuses on shifting the headlines in Ghana from youth problems to youth business development. Additionally, this Project argues that while possession of skills measured by pen and paper tests and ability to solve intellectual puzzles are rewarding, academic skills alone are not enough- acquisition of full range of competencies such as civic, vocational, emotional, cultural, physical, ethical and social competencies are instrumental for our youth to become independent and productive citizens.
Youth development has many been defined in many ways depending on the context and the conceptual foundations. However, for the purpose of this project, youth development is observed as conscious efforts to coordinate, develop and support positive activities that promote the social, emotional, physical, cultural, moral and academic well-being of Avatime youth.

AMEDOZFE YOUTH BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (AYBDP) is a project that involves the state, communities, families, schools, religious organizations and the private sector in determined efforts to improve the quality of life of our youth. Again, it recognizes that young people cannot improve their quality of life by themselves. However, through institutions of education, media, government and communities, young people can be supported to acquire the values and competencies they need to succeed in life.
The high unemployment rate among our youth and lack of social support system for them continues to put immense pressure on the government to compensate for failures of the economy through direct job creation strategies and other supports, but the magnitude of youth problems are such that they dwarf the resources available to resolve them. For example, the current government seems to be struggling with what to do with the thousands of registered unemployed youth in the country.
Moreover, the idea that economic development would minimize youth problems discounts the fundamental principle of utilitarianism inherent in free market economic model. The basic belief that individuals are the same, independent and free to pursue their economic, political and social happiness outside the influence of the larger society is unequal with Ghanaian culture and values. Ghanaian cultures promote interdependency and differences. For example, we are tied to our extended families, and communities. We support our nephews, nieces, brothers and sisters in schools and old parents and grandparents etc. we define ourselves according to our religious beliefs, political affiliations, language, tribe and geography.

Additionally, our culture of interdependency has established code of conducts that regulates the relationship between adults and young people. For example, there are unwritten rules about the behaviour limits of young people in the community, what constitutes a normative behaviour, roles and expectations of different age groups. Again, the saying â?? it takes a village to raise a childâ?? suggest that there is a communal responsibility granted to adults to promote the welfare of young people in our society.

The problems facing our youth can only be resolved upon realization of economic and social development. While the magnetism of such a concept is valid and legitimate, it pushes some simple and immediate solutions that can be implemented into the periphery waiting for economic miracle to happen. However, lest no forget, the devil finds work for the idle hands. So letâ??s all come together, join hands and help our young ones from been used by the devil, by supporting and investing into them and keep them busy in other for them to be successful in life.

? This event is intended to promote Tourism in Avatime.
? Organizing the youth towards a new order of projecting Avatime Image.
? To help the youth to discover and showcase their talents, different from school environments
? It seeks to promote women empowerment and promoting our culture and tourism as a tool for poverty reduction and wealth creation
? To encourage handicraft
? To Reduce unemployment problems in the village

For Donations and Support please contact
+233 241543851
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Nov 11,2014

AGE 15 TO 35 YRS
Or Write to us

P O BOX FN 165
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Nov 10,2014
READ ME ... I will do any favour in return
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Hello , I am Bernard . I need the following 6 books listed below for my University studies but I cannot afford it .

The books are not available in Ghana .

They can be obtained from bookstores in USA, CANADA, UK, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA and elsewhere .
It can also be bought @ and other online bookstores.

I need a Philanthropist to buy them for me and send them to me . I will be very grateful.


Breaking the bonds of adult child abuse - Renee Pittelli (2011)
The Guru Papers - Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad (1993)
Narcissistic Confrontations - Renee Pittelli (2013)
On Angels Wings - Patricia Ann Laessig
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome - Joy De Gruy (2005)
Flying Free - John Morgan (2009)

I do not have any money to purchase it that is why i want a kind person to buy them for me. I am ready TO DO ANY FAVOUR YOU WANT ME TO IN RETURN .


My number is +233-545502961
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Nov 10,2014
Aid in school development
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Great Messiah International school is looking for investors,philanthropist and individuals to aid in the development of a basic school with a long term aim of establishing a junior high school.
Currently the school have a population of 90 students with refined staff.
There are classroom units which some are still under construction.
We are in need of organization that will aid in the construction and the investors also benefits.
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Nov 5,2014
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An athletics club located in Accra is humbly seeking for sponsorship.
Any donations are welcome.
Please contact:+233-243-226185
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Oct 27,2014
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hello am Solomon, am in to movies, am a production manager. I have a nice story that am looking somebody who has interest in movies and want to be an executive producer to work with. I also have the link to some marketers so as soon as the movie is been short there will be no struggle for marketers. i already have my story and also have the links to the stars. any interested person should call SOLOMON on 0263171362 looking forward to meet you. some movies i worked on as PM DELETE THE GRAND MASTER , LEAVE MY MAN , TONE OF A MISERY HEART , THE PEN DRIVE.
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Oct 27,2014
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Oct 10,2014
Help A Man of God
We appeal to the general public to assist an upcoming man of God with his finances.
Secondly he need a place for Church, so if you have any help please do and God will continue blessing you.

He said, he will never forget any individuals and companies who assist him.

Please if you wish to help, call the contact details to +233247725319 or email us on or call +233506614065
Or send money to the same phone number above through MTN Mobile Money.

God Bless you all!
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Oct 7,2014
Proposal for Poultry Fram

Executive Summary:
Jasearlcompany was formed in 2014. The headquarters of the company is situated in Accra .
In external environment, the service of the supplier is quite satisfactory. There are various competitorsâ?? presents for the Jasearl poultry farm. The names of competitor are like over the country etc. There is also big threat of old farms in the industry. Sometimes the customers try to do bargaining but the jasearl poultry farm will mostly prefer fixed pricing method so there is no chances for doing bargaining.
Internally, there will be a facility for communication with the customer like getting information about the quality of the product; packing information etc. The leadership is managed by well train learders in poultry farms.
The company faces a throat cut competition. There are two kinds of risk which is faced by the poultry farm: Production risk and price risk.
The strategic objective of the company comprises of deciding the scope of the farm, and gives the knowledge to the members of the farm
Talking about the grand strategy, the Company wants to make stability in its growth and profits and thus the company adopts stability strategy. Also For making growth, the company has diversified itself.
Strategic management is nothing but drafting, implementing and cross checking of various decisions which shall help the company in achieving its long term goals. It specifies the aims and objectives of the organization. It helps in formulating various policies for achieving the companyâ??s objectives.
Strategic Management is an ongoing process. It is used to evaluate the business as a whole and to assess its various individual processes. Strategic management includes assessing processes on a regular basis.
Vision and Mission)
Our main mission is supply of the best quality and service with the growth of the shareholder value. But with this they serve the best quality of chickens to the customer because they do not want to play with the health of the customer. Our mission is also to bring satisfaction among the workers. For this purpose, the leadership in the company is held by Mr.RobertBorteyAhia(general manager) he has the quality of dealing with looses and success and also the ability to motivate the employees. To provide best quality of food, the appointed a technical manager named as Mr.Borquaye. He is responsible for the developing and maintenance of the technology for example the freezer facility for the storage etc. Companyâ??s mission is also to earn more profit on lesser cost, to provide all necessary information to the customer, and also take their feedback. This is done by sales and marketing team whose responsibility is given to Mr. Robert BorteyAhia
Thus we want to achieve the belief of the customer with superior quality, product innovation and operation and service efficiency. Our mission and vision are:-
1. Public health on Our first preference
2. High inspection in the company
3. Give assurance about Our working policy to the customer
4. Make relationship between theJasearl farm and their customer
5. Maintaining and developing the relation with our processors
6. Supply of only superior quality of product
7. Giving the facility of education, training and development to all employees.
8. A good leader who can develop motivation and can give support to the employees so they can achieve their potential.
9. The employees who can make coordination with the ethical standard and can take responsibility for our work.
External environmental analysis
The growth of Jasearl farm depends heavily on the external environment in the last two decades. The five force model of the company is as given below:-
Porterâ??s five force model:
Bargaining power of suppliers:
The service of the supplier is quite satisfactory. We do not import any chickens from out of the country. So its give benefits in getting discount due to be domestic suppliers. Delivery on time, good quality of chicks and eggs,Will help Jasearl poultry farm company in winning the trust of the customer.
There are various competitorsâ?? presents for Jasearl poultry farm. The names of competitor are like Vivian farms and imported frozen chickes etc. Not only the domestic competitors but the company also faces competition from the abroad. Eroupe is the aggressive player inAfrican chicken markets. The main markets of Eruope is west Africa and south africa etc. All competitors have adopted approximately same price policy and quality of product so to compete with them is todayâ??s time has become more difficult.
Threat of old farms
As we see that there is a lot of scope for growing poultry Farm Company. So there is also big threat of old farms in the industry. Their business is also expended and they are also keen to establish themselves as the best company.
Threat of substitute product
It is not compulsory that the customer will only prefer chickens in their food, there are lots of substitute for the products of the company. If people are conscious about their health and they can choose vegetarian food and in non vegetarian then can prefer fish, mutton or any others.
Bargaining power of customers
The customers are also main factor in the external environment. They are educated, so they want to take all information before getting the delivery. In Jsaearl poultry farm we will set a communication network so that we can communicate with the customers. Sometimes the customers try to do bargaining but Jasearl poultry farm mostly prefer fixed pricing method and will be very minmiumalso there is no chances for doing bargaining.
PESTLE analysis:
Economic environment
The Jasearl poultry always want to be in competition with others. Our profit and wages system are based on the ability and willingness to work. There willalso a policy so that any owner can divest his capital form the profits. The workers are also free to select an employer and site. Like workers Jasearl poultry farm we will select the managers on the basis of their ability. They are also free to make any decision. There are also a limited competition and profits, wages etc fairly in relation to efforts. The company also willencourages workers for employment. Generally economic environment consist those factor which bear the functioning of a business. In case of Jasearl poultry farm the economic system comprise price and distribution controls, per capita and national income, population, financial and fiscal sectors, infrastructure etc
Political environment
The political system is prevailing in a countryâ??s policies and control of business. An honest, efficient and stable political system is become essential factor for the development of Ghana.there are three main vital institutions: executive or government, legislature and judiciary. Among them the legislature is the most crucial political factor which will impacts the Jasearl poultry farm because it includes powers such as policy-making, law making, budget approving mirror of public opinion.
Technological environment
Technology environment exerts significant influence on business. The impact of technology on the business can be seen as companyâ??s product, services, markets, suppliers, competitors, distributors, manufacture etc. Due to technology environment Jasearl poultry farm will get the continuous growth when set up in the next few years. It is also helpful in increasing quality products.
Socio-cultural environment
There are certain social factors which are beyond the companyâ??s gate. These factors include attitude to exalt, family, marriage religion, education attitude to people toward the work and ethics. Some time due to this factors the demand of Jasearl poultry farm grow.
Ethical factors are concerned with the social responsibility part of the company. The poultry farm has some ethical rules to follow regarding maintenance of animals. For example, the company has to maintain proper safety and neatness level in farm etc.
The company will also largely be affected by industrial and animal related laws. The company will also be prone to any sue in commercial court regarding quality of food material.
Value chain:
The value chain consists of the process of value addition in the products of the company. In Jasearl poultry, the value will be addedadded at every stage of production.
The company will be looking at large farms and number of hens producing eggs in the future . The company will maintains large farms and thus feed the animals so that they can produce eggs and meet which are the key products of the company.
The company also willadds quality to its products by the mean of proper and regular quality check of the products produced by the farm.
At each stage of production, proper documentation will be done in order to maintain proper accountability of the system.
The company will alsobe planning to go for ISO 9001 implementation to increase the quality of the products and to add more value in it.
Internal analysis
The internal factors consists the factors which are inside the company. The internal factors of Jasearl poultry farm are:-
Products and service
This includes inventory management, product modification, and product transportation of Jasearl poultry Farm Company according to the customer needs. Not only the products, this also includes Jasearl poultry farm companyâ??s sales services, promotional for the product, packing, handling of return product and customization.
Communication flow
There is a facility for communication with the customer like getting information about the quality of the product, packing information etc. Payments system
This includes billing for the customer, caring of special customer orders, order frequency, credit cheques and others.
The leadership is managed by the general management in Jasearlpoultry farm company. The general manager looks for various operations like: general, technical, marketing and financial management performance etc.
The employees are the backbone of the company and so only skilled labors work here. A satisfactory environment for the working, facility for the coach, support and motivation, giving education to employees, co-operation between the employees and Jasearl poultry farm company, giving promotion for their work etc will also be available in the company.
SWOT analysis
If we want to analysis any company then the simplest method will be the SWOT analysis. This stood for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.
The information provided by the SWOT is helpful in matching the resource and capability of the firm in the todayâ??s competitive advantages.
The Jasearl poultry farmâ??s SWOT analysis is as following:-
The strength part shows that how the company will be capable in using its resource as per their capability. The strength of Jasearl poultry farm is:
â?¢ Jasearl poultry farm company will be the 1st poultry farm company in the whole Spintex.
â?¢ The image and reputation of Jasearl poultry farm among the customers will be good. So the customers will be widely attached with this farm company. If there are any new entrances then it is not severely affected.
â?¢ will use different cost for the different products so that every kind of customer is attached with the company.
â?¢ Will used versatile technology. Will used freezer for the storage of the chickens, water resource, method of disposal for the dead birds, preventing them from the dieses and our communication network will be so strong so that they can communicate with the customer in easy way.
â?¢ There will be lesser impact of the import product on this company.
Every company is not capable to its goals because there always remains some weakness in the company. The weaknesses of Jasearl poultry farm are:-
â?¢ Will faced a throat cut competition. Itâ??s true that they are the 1st poultry farm company in whole Ghana but dueto the competitive environment any little mistake can bring a big problem.
â?¢ The whole business depends only on the chicken products. There is a little bit work in egg products but more than 80 part deals in chickens.

In simple language the opportunities shows the future, means what will be condition of future for our company. It answers that is there any chances for getting profit or losses. The opportunities for Jasearl poultry farm are:-
â?¢ The main reason for growth of any poultry farm is because chickens are considered to be healthy protein diet.
â?¢ There is an increment in the standard of living of the customer and if we look the environment of west Africa then there is also growth in non vegetarian people day to day. As a result the demand of chickens is also increased.
â?¢ Day to day new technology is developed, so now they can store more and more chickens, can bring new quality of food with taste.
â?¢ Competition is increased and so the company has became more conscious about the quality and will try to reduce the cost. This will be beneficial for the both Jasearl poultry farm and the customers.
â?¢ Will can get more skilled labor that will create a good environment within the company and can make cooperation with their leaders.
The threats refer to the current problem which they are facing. Jasearl poultryâ??s farm threats are:-
â?¢ There are two kinds of risk which is faced by the poultry farm: Production risk and price risk.
â?¢ Now a dayâ??s bird flu is spread in the birds, so in this kind of environment it is more difficult to make a quality product.
â?¢ There are lots of competitors, both domestic and foreign; they are facing competition from the other country also.
â?¢ There are lots of substitutes. Due to the substitutes the competition has increased.
Thus the SWOT analysis shows the positive and negative side of Jasearl poultry farm.
Strategic objective
Strategy means making long term direction, taking decision, and allocation of resource. Basically we take three kinds of decision in strategic objectives. â??What, for whom and how can we doâ?? so the companyâ??s objectives are decided in strategy.
Practically speaking, now days the poultry farming has became successful in global market. Thatâ??s why Jasearl poultry farm access to market and specialized inputs with the financial support. So the key strategy of the company will be toget maintain the supply and ownership of the birds, the whole processing and wholesaling should be the as per the meat hygiene act. The standard of this act are:
â?¢ The transport of meat as per the human consumption
â?¢ Hygienic production
â?¢ Premises processing meat according to the human consumption
As we know that this farm also deals with eggs so it operates it under the regulated system and it is the responsibility of managers for the finding markets for their food.
The strategic objectives are:-
1. To decide the scope of the farm, and give the knowledge to the members of the farm.
2. All practices are done after the considerations of birdâ??s welfare. The poultry covers the topic like lighting, ventilation, health, food protection and management practices.
3. To give assurance about the safety of managers, workers and visitors.
4. Monitoring of various nutrient, impact problems and after that remedial action is taken.
5. Possible business model of the company with the consideration of neighborhood competitors.
6. Effect of the import of chickens on the domestic production. Increasement in the value of domestic product and reduce the import dependency.
7. The poultry farmâ??s importance in the customers with more diversified and reasonable price.
8. Knowing the link between productivity and income generation.
9. To reduce impact of the uses of meat and to insure that there is no impact on the natural cycle.
Generic strategic
There are three kinds of generic strategies for the maintenance and achievement of competitive advantages: Cost leadership, differentiation, focuses strategy.
If we see at Jasearl poultry farm then conclusion will be that Jasearl poultry farm has adopted a differentiation strategy. Because as we knowJasearl poultry farm will focuses on the different kinds of chickens product and each products has its attribute so it charge the price according to the productâ??s feature. The reasons for adapting to this strategy are
â?¢ By this will make brand loyalty among the customer form the rivals.
â?¢ There are all kinds of products according to the customer need so every customer is attached with the particular product. Not only for the feature there is also differentiating in the pricing so that every level of the customers is attached.
â?¢ For managing the supplier also. Why? Because if any supplier charges higher value for the material then it can be managed in any other product and this is possible only when the farm is diversified in chicken products.
â?¢ There is also a benefit from the side of the customers. There will be large number of buyers and we know that if there is large number of buyers then our power for negotiation will be low due to price fixation and low alternatives.
â?¢ If there is any new entry then there will be negligible impact on the customer loyalty.
Thus for all above the reason the company has adopted the differentiate strategy. But the company also deals in eggs with the chickens so for that company follows the cost leadership strategy which brings the ability to compete with competitors and bring attraction of the customers and reduces the defect rate.
Grand strategic

A record production in poultry and meat industry last year shows that various poultry farms have work harder for the growing consumption need. For the production of chickens the poultry farm has adopted grand strategy by the trade organization.
A grand strategy involves the essential action for the long term plan and to achieve its major objectives. So we will analyze Jasearlpoultry farm companyâ??s grand strategy on the bases of market, diversification, product, organizational development, strategic etc.
After the analysis of its corporate and generic strategies, we will discuss the grand strategy on the three levels
â?¢ Growth strategy
â?¢ Retrenchment strategic
â?¢ Stability strategy
For making growth, the company will diversified itself. For that it does innovation, changes itâ??s received and takes the feedback of the customer and also we provide different variety of chickens. If there is any failure in the receipt then they adopt accordingly. This strategy built willingness in the company to try new things. The company will also be trying for the new market for its product.
The company wants to make stability in its growth and profits and thus the company adopts stability strategy. The Jasearl poultry farm company do the research only on the new product. The research is done on the quality and the price. They do not change the existing products and price policy.
There is no retrenchment strategy followed by the farm company because they do not want to make any reduction in their business activity.
Implementation and control
After all this analysis about the external and internal environment and the various strategies, objectives of Jasearl poultry farm in Ghana we can say that the poultry farms in Ghana are growing day by day. The company will implement all those objectives and strategy, keeping in mind things like the impact on the environment, what is the government strategy for the poultry farm, the customer view and the cooperation of the staff and top management..
The various implementations and way they are controlled by the both management and government are mentioned in following:-
Water supply
The chickens are preceded in adequate water supply, clean and cool with the better quality. The water is needed in the farm for fire protection and shed cooling. Except this the hatched chicks should also access water within the 72 hour. Jasearl poultry farm has a reserve from the bole hole supply.
Vehicular access
The transportation policy of the farm is made after the consideration of traffic, delivery vehicles, road works etc. The funding of transportation needs the negotiation of developer, local council and transport development.
Noise, electricity supply
The supply of the electricity is at miximum cost and as per the requirement. But due to the large level of a poultry farm they get three phase of electricity supply. There is noise when the farm is established and due the various birds and this is controlled by the environment protection policy.
Buffer distances
Sometimes it happens that due to water quality, dust and noise, odor and management policies, some places are affected. So there should be a buffer distances maintained between the farm and impact area. All activity is done for the omission of this kind of practices and dourness.
The control on the disease is also an issue. So there is a distance between every poultry farm which is approx 100 meter.
Site selection and development
They have selected the site after the consideration of distance of the market, environment and the government regulation.
Water management
Water management includes
â?¢ Disposal of dead birds: there is an arrangement of disposal of dead birds without any harm to the natural environment. Sometime they face the problem of contamination of surface water and ground, odour problems and fly infestation. But they follow the EPA recommendations like freezing of dead birds so that ordure problem can be reduced, and the disposal is done in the licensed water etc.
â?¢ Disposal of waste eggs: - the eggs are disposal by the composting, rendering the byproduct plan which are environmentally sound.
Recommendations and conclusion
After the analysis about the various parts of Jasearl poultry farms we can be say that no one is perfect and neither the farm under consideration. In SWOT analysis we have discussed the problem faced by the company. So there should be actions against them.
According to us the following action should be taken by Jasearl poultry farm:-
â?¢ As we see that the company will mostly deals in cash, so there can be credit facility available to the customers. The company should allow the credit card etc for the payment.
â?¢ Jasearlpoultry farm company deals only in two products Chickens and eggs. So the company needs to diversify itself. It can diversify by the two ways: expansion and launching new products. As we see that the business of Jasearl is only in major cities of the Ghana so it should established its business in more cities and it should also launch vegetarian food along with this chickens and eggs.
â?¢ As many times itâ??s been seen that due to lack of inspection and monitoring the birds gets spoil, and they used them without checking them. So there should be regular and proper inspection. It will be good if there is a monitoring system on daily bases.
â?¢ The quality of chickens should be checked. The uncooked chicken should be store in the refrigerators. There should be prevention action from the various dieses like the flu etc.
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Sep 28,2014
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A reputable hotel (FREEDOM HOTEL) located at the Volta Regional capital, Ho, is inviting both local and foreign investors to team up with a young and dynamic director in partnership to continue to operate the hotel.
The hotel is a very high standard Two Star and can boast of the following facilities:
- 75 rooms â?? there are rooms for businessmen, chief executives, celebrities and even low income earners
- 150 seating capacity restaurant
- 2 conference halls, one under construction
- 3 bars â?? main bar, poolside and roof top
- Swimming pool â?? state of the art facility for both adults and children
- Business center to serve business executives

- Wli Waterfalls
- Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary
- Kpetoe Kente Village
- Mount Afadjatoe
- Tagbo Waterfalls
- Adaklu Mountain
- Logba Tota Caves
- Kalakpa Game Reserves
- Dzita Resort
- Gemi Mountains
- Dodi Princess
- Kpando Grotto
The hotel is strategically located at the center of the city and not far from the Ho police training depot.
Please locate us at P.O. Box 739, Ho, Volta Region, Ghana â?? West Africa
Email :
Website :
Fax : 0362028177
Closing Date : 30th March, 2015
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Sep 3,2014
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Are you a movie producer;Do you want to invest in a good movie project;? invest in an upcoming movie project with a guaranteed success due to the experience and quality of the script and picture...
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Sep 1,2014
Need Financial Assistance
I'm in Severe Financial Distress and at Rock Bottomm. If you would like to assist me, send me an email. Any amount is greatly appreciated.
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Aug 27,2014
Investment is needed to print and distribute an economics text book which has already been accepted by schools and copies ordered. Investors are guaranteed high returns on their investment since the project is very profitable.
Interested persons can call or email for more inquiries.
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Jul 19,2014
[From: ]
Jul 2,2014
Investors wanted for import of quality clothes
Investors needed for freight, wholesale, supply of high quality official, industrial, casual and civilian clothes from Asian manufacturer, and for the acquisition of a license for the African Region. Please contact for further details on terms and conditions for profit sharing policy.
Tema Community 8.
Call: Francis Gao +233 (0) 265 770 312
275 518 391
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Jun 30,2014
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AC: 0180102221071

ON 0540899467

P. O. BOX KN1348
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