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Jul 18,2015
International Conference in Canada 2015
Agriculture,Fisheries,Business,Tourism, Volunteers and NGOs Conferences are coming on in Toronto and Richmond Canada this year. Care gates Holdings is sending people who are in these fields and are interested to attend these great life changing conferences. We will send about 15 people who are interested to travel to CANADA but doesn't have an opportunity or doesn't have any one to help them.This is A LIFE CHANGING AND AN opportunity for you and we would be very happy to help you with all your documentation.The conference is starting in September and November 2015.All those who are interested should contact us for the conference forms and other information that they may need about the conferences.Every body is welcome no matter your status and you field.Contact us now for all the useful information.Care Gates Holdings contact>0207267015,0263981093 . You can send your information to this
conferences site>, volunteerfutures,org
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