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Dec 26,2013
Help me to get the books I need.
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Hello I'm Ben and in my mid twenties . I need a couple of self- Help books for my library and I want a kind person to sponsor me to get them . I have the book list with me .

The books can be ordered at
http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ or if you are in the U.S , Canada , U.K , South Africa Australia , you can get them in a local bookshop or library .
I need these books seriously and I am ready to return the favour .

You can reach me on
+233 54 550 2961
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Dec 24,2013
Long Lost Friend
Fellow Ghanaians, could you please help me to locate my long lost friend Peter Kwame Appah Kissi. He attended St Peters School at Nkwatia Kwahu in the early 60's. He also taught at the same School for couple of years. He is from Obo Kwahu. " Kwame get in touch on obodan55@yahoo.com".
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Dec 10,2013
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I am a very good football player who lives in Accra-Mamobi. Football is my hobby among all athletic games and I love playing it. I now think it is about time I belong to a team that I can play for.

I hereby write to establish contact with football lovers around world to help introduce me to any player-needing team.

You can contact me on: +233266584589

Thank you.
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Nov 22,2013
God bless the cheerful helper
Please i need a minimum of two thousand Ghana cedis to register for ACCA international.It may sound unusual but i nead this badly. It's been my dream to write this exams since childhood. i know someone there will help me this time. thank you. you can contact me on the following:
Tel; +233240355148
Email: isaac.dawuni@gmail.com
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Oct 26,2013
Hello all ghanaians and Gods people all over the world please i need you to come to my aid.i am a boy in the university for development studies and for now i having been facing challenges in my learning. Please i need a good hearted person to help me get a laptop so that i can study without any difficulties. Is not easy but remember as u do this your problem at hand now may be solve by my God in heaven. Be the first n last Person to receive this blessing. You can contact me on 0548224582 or samenssamuel@gmail.com
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Oct 13,2013
im a young boy a christian a ghanaian very res
pecful,sincere,honest,trustworthy,of great potentials who just completed senior high -
school with good grades a science student who want to be a medical doctor but unfortunately i
dont have any helper infact i have to go through hell before completing the senior high
therefore please i want any well to do out there to come to my aid by adopting me into their family and help me to the medical school in which im qualify and promise that i will never fail you and will definately reap the fruit of thy labour.give you details after i
here favorably from you.
contact number.2330249310094.thanks and God bless.
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Aug 30,2013
25yrs Pretty Lady needs help
My name is Lexia. I'm very disturb as my laptop got stolen. I can't afford to buy one now. I wish a kind hearted person could help me get one. If you are that person and you are on blackberry messenger,pls add me n let's get intouch 22B0EE95. Or you can also send me an email to needafrend20012@yahoo.com for us 2 get intouch. Thanks so much.
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Aug 25,2013
i need ur help God fearing people
hi there good people outside there help me to pay my kids school fees,i have a loverble kids whom i want them to further their education but very unfortunately for me ,my job just got collase due to the burning of my chalcoal since two years ago,i was not able to paymy kids fees which has lead them to stay in the house,so iam appealling to the good people both outside and inside the country,churches and muslims communities,and other phylentropys to help me getting me a job thank you,here is my email address for you boyandy45@yahoo.com,mob 00233266818207 thank you.
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Aug 23,2013
help help help help help
hello,my i am a young lady of 26 years old and i live in accra,i am pleading with anyone who will like to help me,because things are really are hard for me i will not want to depend on men for my daily bread,i want to start something on my own and make a living for my self. am therefore in need of 500gh cedis to start sometime.so if want to help me please call me on this number 0576232883.plz i am not looking for lovers or someone who will say sex before help.i need a heartly help thanks.plz i am not looking for lovers but help.
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Aug 21,2013
i need ur help
hi the good people outside there, my name is brobbey from ghana lives in ejura in ashanti region,i have two childrens which i love them but for two years past my job brokes down due to the burning of my goods millions of cedis got burt,from that year i was not able to take my responsibities as father,now even my kids school fees has turn a big blow for me to pay,i lov my kids and my wife,so kindly help me getting something small to start business to takecare of my wards,life has become very hard for me,iam appealling to churches,phylentropys and muslims community as well,my life has turn to me a salty life so kindly help me thank you.here is my email address boyandy45@yahoo.com thank you.mob 00233266818207.
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Aug 19,2013
Need Single Room Apartment to rent
I need a single room or a chamber and hall apartment to rent around North legon, Haatso, East and West Legon. Please contact me on 0246632101.
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Aug 10,2013
Appeal for help
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I m not only an academician but also destined to be a musician. Actually emerging has been a problem owing to finance and promotion.The picture attached is a live stage performance in collaboration with my co-undergeez.
My facebook username is Clement Adomako Ice and that of twitter is Clement_Iceman
Counting on your kindest cooperation..
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Jul 30,2013
need financial assistance for my music
hello good people outside there here is nana from ashanti region appealling to the good sympathyzers,and phylatropys to come and help me bringing my music out,iam a good singer as well as a talented musician with good and quality albums or songs,so good people outside and inside here is my number please feel free to contact me,i do highlife music thank you 00233266818207.
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Jul 20,2013
looking for assistance
I'm a female, 21years old and francophone but studying in Accra. I'm looking for a way to high grounds. This period I'm really struggling with my pocket money and accommodation due to my recent fathers retirement... I'm the shy type, quiet and reserved about men but very attractive, I'm ready to meet somebody who is willing to take care of me, I mean financially. i just wanna be pampered, spoiled and loved. I don't want to struggle anymore. i wanna wake up and not worry about anything anymore. Just email me I know you will like me.
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Jul 15,2013
looking for music producer
hi my name is brobbey from kumasi in ghana west africa,iam a talented musician and need someone to help me bringing my music out,good people out thnere can you hhelp me for that?here is my phone number 00233266818207,i need producer as well thank you.
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Jul 12,2013
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Hi, Iâ??m Ben a guy who has completed the University of Ghana. I need the following books seriously for my library but I have no money to buy them so I want a kind person to get the books for me. Iâ??m also ready to return this favour. These are the books:
â?¢ Narcissistic Predicaments - Sister Renee Pitelli (2010)
â?¢ Narcissistic Confrontations â?? Sister Renee Pitelli (2013)
â?¢ Flying Free - John Morgan (2009)
â?¢ On Angelâ??s Wings - Patricia Ann Laessig (2002)
â?¢ Breaking the Bonds of Adult Child Abuse - Sister Renee Pitelli (2011)
â?¢ The Family Freeloader - Sister Renee Pitelli (2009)
â?¢ The Black Male handbook - Kevin Powell (2008)
â?¢ The Wealth Cure - Hill Harper (2011)
â?¢ The Blueprint - Kirk Franklin (2011)
â?¢ 9 Things graduates must do - Henry Cloud (2005)
â?¢ Saving your marriage before it starts - Les & Leslie Parrott (2006)
â?¢ That Bitch - Roy Sheppard & Mary T Cleary (2007)
â?¢ Venus: The Dark Side - Roy Sheppard & Mary T Cleary (2008)
â?¢ Psychopath Free: Recovering from emotionally abusive relationships with narcissists, sociopaths & other toxic people - Peace (2013)
â?¢ 12 Steps for the recovering Pharisee - John Fischer (2010)
â?¢ Itâ??s not my fault - Henry Cloud & John Townsend (2010)
â?¢ Necessary Endings - Henry Cloud (2011)
â?¢ The Kingdom of the cults - Walter Martin (2003)
â?¢ The Kingdom of the occult - Walter Martin (2008)
â?¢ The emotionally abusive relationship - Beverly Engel (2003)
â?¢ How to deal with your parents when they still treat you like a child - Lynn Osterkamp (1992)
â?¢ The Accidental Librarian - Pamela H. Mackellar (2008)
â?¢ Why does he do that - Ludy Bancroft (2003)
â?¢ The Verbally abusive relationship - Patricia Evans (2010)
â?¢ Victory over verbal abuse - Patricia Evans (2011)
â?¢ Divorcing a Parent - Beverly Engel (1991)
â?¢ Hand-me-Down dreams - Mary H. Jacobsen (2000)
â?¢ Self University - Charles D. Hayes (1989)
â?¢ Setting Boundaries with your adult children â?? Allison Bottke (2008)

Please readers, I need these books seriously , so Iâ??m ready to do anything for you to buy them for me . Since not everyone will see my post here , you can copy and paste my advert and post them to other sites or other forms of media for a wider exposure . Or you can also inform people who will be able to get them for me.
All the books are available @ amazon.com and other bookstores.

You can reach me on
+233 54 550 2961


WHATZAPP : +233 54 550 2961
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Jul 11,2013
Please help me get a degree
Hello Ghana and all reading,my name is Laurinder and am in my early 20s . am a very responsible young lady and determined to pursue my degree this year since i made the pass grade point from my exams and then proceed to law school in South Africa after. All i need is financial assistance or a good job since i have a diploma from legon to make this dream come through. Am hoping my request will touch readers and young man who is not more than 30 and a christian who is SINGLE is very welcome to help for commitment. Thankx & God bless u all
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Jul 4,2013
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CONTACT: 0262-897684
EMAIL: kojo2chief@yahoo.com
FACEBOOK: Gordon Holmeshigh
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Jul 3,2013
plz help me with accomodation
hello people out there i am a young lady base in accra,and i am looking for accomodation, i do not have money to rent so i am pleading with anyone who has a place and he or she needs a caretaker,i promise if u give me the place i will stay there and take good take of there place for u.
nb; plz i am not looking for lover or sex mate but accomodation.thanks my contact is 0576232883.
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Jun 17,2013
A talented, anointed gospel musician, called into full time ministry with an inspiring, power packed album is soliciting for your helping hand to finish up his video clips, which is pending halfway because of funds. Please note, the assistance is not â??freeâ?? loan plan but on a contract bases with high percentages, which will be reimburse soon according to agreement. I bet youâ??ll never regret being a part of this project. Thank you very much and God bless you.
Call: 0246879386
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