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Apr 7,2014
need your help
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any kind of job ...am ready to do it
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Apr 1,2014
Yearning For The Screen
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Please, Am a young man of 28 years living in Kumasi looking for a good movie production to work with. I always have the edge for acting since childhood and really dying to be featured on the big screen. I speak good English, very fluent in the local dialect and can fit in any role as an actor. Am Fair, Intelligent, Easy Going, God Fearing, Handsome and has a small knowledge about directing which will be perfect for the movie industry and you will never regret to impose the trust in me. Any production interested can contact me on 233 249590545.
Hope to hear from You
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Mar 25,2014
Talented Left footed footballer
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Am Jared Pobee..i live at Labadi and I am 17years old..i am a talented and a great footballer who plays any position but best at midfield looking for a team or a manager to manage my football career..Please get in touch with me on 0236666833
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Mar 20,2014
manager to manage my football career
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Am Michael Odai..20yrs old talented and great footballer looking for offers and a manager to manage my football career..my phone number is 0277356050.I church at CCFC
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Mar 18,2014
Request for 207 bus work and pay.
I want anyone to buy Ghana used 207 bus for me as work and pay. Me myself I am government worker, but I have exhaust my top up with commercial bank. otherwise I would have gone in for commercial bank loan. If anyone buys it for me and even by next year June the bus is not able to pay off the loan, I will go in for commercial bank loan to pay off the bus' loan balance. reply to this email. kofa25@live.com with your number.
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Mar 13,2014
place for short term mm rent
Hi I will be visiting accra from May2 to may23 and am MN looking for a place near american House...1 bedroom..ac preferred furnished place ...pool would b great and or place close to beaches please contact me asap by email or 2332546652502
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Mar 12,2014
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Am Joe live in the eastern part of Ghana. Am Evangelist, 19yrs of age. Good people of Ghana i urgently need ur help of amount of 150cedis to support me do the work... Good hearted person should help me n God will bless you. Colosians 3:23... Please this is my number 0249056626
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Mar 10,2014
Help Me
Am a young lady who is in dye need of help. I will be evicted my place by the end of the month because my landlord needs the room for his brother. I need a kind hearted person to help me get a new place. You can call or txt me me on 024-9051069. Am not on whatsapp. My phone is haven a problem so if you call and it doesnt go through just text and I will get back to you. Please help me so I will sleep on the street. God Bless You for your kind hearted.

Thank YOU.
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Mar 7,2014
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Hello I'm Ben . I need a couple of self- Help books for my library and I want a kind person to sponsor me to get them .
I have the book list with me. Please these are not text books, I have completed University so I don't need textbooks , they are self help books I need seriously . I HAVE THE BOOK LIST.

The books can be ordered at
http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ or if you are in the U.S , Canada , U.K , South Africa Australia , you can get them in a local bookshop .
I need these books seriously and I am ready to return the favour .

You can reach me on
+233 54 550 2961
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Mar 4,2014
Help Me
Please am seriously for help.I am a young lady who will soon be evicted from her room due to the fact that my landlord family are coming to occupied the place. I need financial support to get a new place and my prayers is that God you touch anyone who is reading this message heart to help me. This is my first time in this platform. God bless you all. 024-9051069
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Feb 15,2014
i have spinal cord injury and i support please!
plase i have injury on my spinal cord and experience everyday pain both neck and the shoulder.i was carry block at constuction site and it fell on my spinal cord.am a laborer.
i have apply rub and taking pain relief drugs but feeling the pains.i always experience Abnormalities in the bone or joints,Trauma,Poor posture,Tumors,Muscle strain, Frozen shoulder and Dislocation.
i dont have money for x-ray and some required test or drugs.pls audience kindly support me or do me a favor.God bless!
these my number:0249034135
i dont want to die or gone mad.i need help please!
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Feb 13,2014
urgent help
I'm a tall handsome young man who owns my own car.I am in debt and need someone to help me with Ghc2000 .please if you are a woman our there and want to help I am ready to do as you wish.xxx please women only call 0236800873.
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Feb 4,2014
SSS graduate seeking help
I am genuine serious and determined, hard working. I am ready to prove who I am to anybody who want to help me. I am a young woman of 23 years and a senior secondary school graduate living and working in Accra, Ghana. I am black in complexion.

I intend furthering my education but due to financial difficulties and lack of sponsorship I am now working full time and cannot even save to start my tertiary education.

I will feel very fortunate to get assistance to enroll in a Tertiary Institution so that I can further my education. I need the starting help and I am sure things will improve so I can be on my own. I am single, never married and have no children. I am not in any relationship as I wish to complete school to at least a degree level before settling down.

Any Philanthropist, Company, Non Governmental Organization, any Individual who wish to help my situation is welcome and I will be very proud of you for helping me in Education.

Maybe you are a white man reading this and wish to help, you are welcome. Thank you.

I hope to hear from you soon. With all greetings and regards to all those reading.

Miss Gbekor
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Jan 21,2014
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I am a boy of 22year i have completed S.H.S and i want to continue but know help from my family...and i am pleading if God will touch a person heart to help me, i will be glad.
this is my number ;0577325898
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Dec 24,2013
Long Lost Friend
Fellow Ghanaians, could you please help me to locate my long lost friend Peter Kwame Appah Kissi. He attended St Peters School at Nkwatia Kwahu in the early 60's. He also taught at the same School for couple of years. He is from Obo Kwahu. " Kwame get in touch on obodan55@yahoo.com".
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Dec 10,2013
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I am a very good football player who lives in Accra-Mamobi. Football is my hobby among all athletic games and I love playing it. I now think it is about time I belong to a team that I can play for.

I hereby write to establish contact with football lovers around world to help introduce me to any player-needing team.

You can contact me on: +233266584589

Thank you.
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Nov 22,2013
God bless the cheerful helper
Please i need a minimum of two thousand Ghana cedis to register for ACCA international.It may sound unusual but i nead this badly. It's been my dream to write this exams since childhood. i know someone there will help me this time. thank you. you can contact me on the following:
Tel; +233240355148
Email: isaac.dawuni@gmail.com
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Nov 4,2013
I seek a real serious lady to settle down with
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Oct 26,2013
Hello all ghanaians and Gods people all over the world please i need you to come to my aid.i am a boy in the university for development studies and for now i having been facing challenges in my learning. Please i need a good hearted person to help me get a laptop so that i can study without any difficulties. Is not easy but remember as u do this your problem at hand now may be solve by my God in heaven. Be the first n last Person to receive this blessing. You can contact me on 0548224582 or samenssamuel@gmail.com
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Oct 13,2013
im a young boy a christian a ghanaian very res
pecful,sincere,honest,trustworthy,of great potentials who just completed senior high -
school with good grades a science student who want to be a medical doctor but unfortunately i
dont have any helper infact i have to go through hell before completing the senior high
therefore please i want any well to do out there to come to my aid by adopting me into their family and help me to the medical school in which im qualify and promise that i will never fail you and will definately reap the fruit of thy labour.give you details after i
here favorably from you.
contact number.2330249310094.thanks and God bless.
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