Rules for Blogging

You can use your blog in GhanaWeb to publish articles about practically anything. For example the blog can be about your opinions, hobby, profession or personal life. There are however some restrictions.

No advertising
Do not use your blog for commercial purposes. Our will advice you about affordable alternatives. It is however permitted to publish a link to your website via your profile.
No classifieds
Do not use your blog to sell your car/house, to find men/women, look for jobs, etc. GhanaWeb offers much better facilties for that.
No pornography
Keep it decent because under aged people can also read your blog. Use the Casual Phorum for sexually explicit stuff.
No unlawful content
You are not permitted to publish libel, slander and other unlawful content such as racism, abuse, spam, hate full content, etc

GhanaWeb reserves the right to remove individual postings and blogs. As a blogger you will be fully liable for your blog.