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kwame Elijah

African Leaders and Corruption: A Ghanaian Perspective

2012-09-21 16:49

The African continent has been described as paradoxical – a credit owed to Ali Mazuri’s insightful vignette, the six paradoxes of Africa. In the same vein, the continent has become synonymous with corruption, which also constitutes another paradox. There is nothing paradoxical than the fact that the most impoverished continent ...

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Ghana passport 'saga'

2010-09-12 05:10

One could aver without any reservations whatsoever that over the years the Ghana Passport Office has won itself quite a disreputable reputation in the country. However, for a number of reasons most Ghanaians, including government officials, seem oblivious of the ordeal citizens go through to secure passports in Ghana. While ...

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Essien is on hiatus from the Ghana Black

2010-08-28 23:03

I have been following with alacrity news on Ghanaian footballers but most often than not I get disconcerted by some gratuitous comments passed by folks who consider themselves not only experts on the rules of the game but also unofficial ‘advisors’ to most, if not all, Ghanaian international footballers. I will ...

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