we can make Ghana beter country.

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Ghana our Dear Nation

2012-09-29 15:51

Ghana is a dear nation and with lovely people,a country with people who are family minded and with full of love,but the type of love we have here in Ghana is just the love that shows only outside but not inside the heart,so many smile at you lovely but hate ...

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Its the demolishing helping the poor peo

2010-04-12 15:03

Thus the demolishing helping the people in the country? there are many poor Ghanaian who have try all they can to find their way out for living,those who are ok are even those who can afford to get containers some where to sell in it,butr most the poor once sell ...

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How we can to make Ghana beter nation

2010-04-07 17:22

We can make Ghana a better nation if we unite,love each other,stop trying to pull people who are going forward down,when you site down and look at what is going on in the country both illiterate and educated it makes me feel so sad how the country is heading to ...

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