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Ghana football, all change please.

2013-02-17 12:06

GHANA FOOTBALL: ALL CHANGE PLEASE. Is anybody out there who will disagree with me if I said that the performance of the black stars in the just ended afcon competitions is the most inept, lacklustre, uninspiring, unexciting and the most unwatchable display ever by any national side in the history of ...

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From UK to the Mr President.

2013-02-01 13:18

I sat behind my office desk looking at this elegant presence in the picture which had just popped up amongst the many others on Facebook suddenly a feminine voice from above my shoulder muttered the words “oh he’s nice, actually, he is hot” I enquired “who is nice and hot?” ...

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send troops to mali

2013-02-01 12:32

The conflict is rather far away and does seem not to concern or for that matter, should not concern us.”Us” means we those enjoying the fresh air at the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. After all we’ve got our own domestic problems to deal with. (Dziwofie asem). More so, ...

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