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Umar Najeeb Mohammed

The Callous and Shallow Judgement of Gabby

2013-06-15 14:59

A recap to refresh memories: Martin Amidu won the case against Waterville and Woyome on 06/14/2013 at the Supreme Court by a unanimous decision and the economic impact to the Ghanaian tax payer is $40million more revenue; and few minutes later Ghanaians went on acclamation spree celebrating and congratulating ...

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The Value of Scarcity

2013-06-14 15:25

The law of demand tells us that the more we have a commodity, the less valuable it becomes. It is almost as true in our relationships with other people as the law of demand. The more we see a person, the less thirst we have to see them, especially in ...

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Re:Wereko-Brobby Writes: Riposte to Ampofo

2013-05-28 01:38

To the fate of the defense attorney, defending a bad case, you delay the process. To the fate of the opinion writer, without facts, you create a straw man - and argue with the straw man. The later was exactly what Dr. Wereku Breku did in his article published on ...

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Vote Nana Addo and Haruna Iddrisu

2012-12-05 23:55

Why NPP will win NDC will lose no doubt about that. The question should be by how much? I voted for Atta Mills and Haruna Iddrisu in 2008, because they were the best candidates at that time. They had better ideas, and seemed to be genuinely concerned about the good people of ...

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Free is more popular

2012-12-05 23:52

Free Stuff Sells Elections are won by constituencies. The more constituencies that you are able to get, then the easily you increases your chances of winning. History has taught us a lot, and they say people who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. In politics, a day ...

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All In

2012-11-26 22:32

All hands on deck, All In Historians say history repeats itself, if the saying is anything to go by in Ghana politics. After having observed the 2004, and 2008 elections I have this to tell my friends in the NDC about 2012 elections. It ain’t that good. The winning party in Ghana ...

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Review Review Review

2012-11-22 15:26

Two steps forward, three steps backward A Nation building means nation building. It literally means building a nation, a house at time. Each “house” is a nation’s priority or problems or issues. Just like a mason, it starts with constructing a foundation and up to completion of the entire structure. If ...

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2012-11-17 21:26

Confirmed I am shocked by the sudden death of Former Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama. May the Almighty Allah forgive his sins and grant him Janna. Amen. However, as a Ghanaian living outside the country, I checked on most of the Ghana media online outlets to find more information about the ...

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Bravo Otabil! Be Bold and Stand for your rights

2012-11-12 22:24

If you disagree with me, you are stupid No party has a monopoly on wisdom were the statement of President Obama at DNC convention in charlotte. This is a universal fact that, no individual person or entity has in its possession an absolute control of wisdom. However, ...

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