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The lack of facilities, lack of motivated teachers and poor management are some of the weaknesses in Ghana’s education system.

The NDC recognizes that it is the right of every child and young person to access quality education, to earn a living and contribute to building a prosperous Ghana for a Better Life for all.

Fulfilled Promises

1. Increase In Capitation Grant

Government has increased the Capitation Grant by 50% from GHC 3.00 to GHC 4.50 per child. GHC 3.8 million was released as payment.

2. Free Uniforms

President Mills' commitment to ensure no child is deprived of basic education led to the innovative intervention of supplying free school uniforms to pupils in deprived communities. This has so far achieved 75% penetration in the target communities. This initiative uses local fabrics and local textile industries in order to supportthe local textile industry.

3. Free Exercise Books

Government has also initiated the provision of free exercise books. 50 far, more than 23 million pieces have been distributed. These supplies are not only helping improve school enrolment and attendance, but the local production is contributing to revamping our local printing industry.

4. Expansion of School Feeding Programme

The school feeding programme has been improved and expanded. 230 more schools will be enrolled in January 2011. GH