Rashid Lancer

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Come December 7, this beloved nation of ours will elect a new Chief Executive. A leader who will propel our fortunes beyond constellations. A President who will unite and rule not divide n plunge us into the infinite abyss of anarchy and wars. The world is watching, waiting, doubting that we would escape the prangs of post election wars. Yes, tensions are rising above the crescendo. Tempers, cascading emotions and a barricade of insults are spewed on the media. But no! This is not an Armageddon!

We would survive like always and we would disappoint the doubting thomasses. Ghana is the only home we have and we would do anything to perpetuate our peace for posterity. I will like to sound a clarion call to the youth to make peace their priority. Lets not be stampeded by some politicians to perpetrate violence. Let us listen, observe and vote on fruitful visions instead of concocted hoo-ha. WE LOVE GHANA, WE STAND FOR PEACE!