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Ledzokuku NDC Youth Goes Wild Against Deputy Minister And Chief Executive

February 23, 2012

We, the YOUTH FOR POSITIVE ACTION OF LEDZOKUKU CONSTITUENCY a youth wing of the great National Democratic Congress (N.D.C) wish to use your highly reputed medium to exhibit our dissatisfaction and resentment with the current internal wrangling and rancor which have characterized the party in the Ledzokuku Constituency as a whole in the past weeks.
As the constitution of the party mandates,earlier last year the party opened its nominations for qualified and interested members of the party to tender their candidature in vying for the sole position of parliamentary candidate for the party in the constituency through a democratically electoral process.Persons including our incumbent Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister for Works and Housing Honourable Nii Nortey Dua,Former Constituency Organizer Mr David Boye Sowah Sekan and former Women’s Organizer Mrs Benita Sena Okity-Duah all filed their nominations and went through all necessary processes and met all conditions as enshrined in the constitution of the great NDC.
The election took place on January 28,2012 where Mrs Benita Sena Okity-Duah chalked a landslide victory winning 242 votes(representing 60% of total votes cast),Hon Nii Nortey Dua obtaining 148 votes(representing 37% of total votes cast) and Mr David Boye Sowah Sekan obtaining 13 votes( representing 3% of total votes cast) exhibiting a massive endorsement of Mrs Benita Sena Okity-Duah as the people’s right representative for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary General Election.
As our social democratic tenet mandates,we all had to sacrifice our parochial interests and throw our weights behind the winner and give her the necessary support in order to retain the seat successfully.
Indeed Hon Nii Nortey Dua and Mr David Boye Sowah Sekan who lost their bids congratulated the winner and pledged their support to her especially towards the herculean task ahead.
However,ramifications from that election have been very dire and perilous towards the quest to retain the competitive seat of Ledzokuku for the great National Democratic Congress.
Painstaking investigations with credible information at our disposal is that the Hon Minister and incumbent MP has not eaten the humble pie to accept defeat as he had earlier on pledged just as was exhibited by the NPP flagbearer Nana Addo-Danquah Akuffo Addo after losing the 2008 General Election to Prof John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills.
We also have it that there is a grand agenda by most of the Executive including constituency Organizer Mr Eric Larbi,Secretary Mr Joseph Mensah,Youth Organizer Frank Nii Dua,Acting Women’s Organizer Mrs Mary Laryea,Cordinator Mr Benjamin Alitalia,CEO of Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly(LEKMA) Mr Daniel Amartey,National Vice Chairman Mr Dannie Annang and our Honorable MP Nii Nortey Duah with their tribal bigotry and ethnically explosive posturing trying to obfuscate the minds of the constituents that Mrs Benita Sena Okity-Duah is not an indigeon of Teshie and therefore should not be given the mandate to represent them in spite of the fact that she has duly met all condition as expounded by the country and party’s constitution.
We are also not oblivious about the fact that they are inciting some youths in the constituency who happen to be our friends with monies to carry out demonstrations and diverse agitations and the ploy to field current Vice Chairman Mr Ben Ayiku as Independent candidate in order to torpedo the chance of Mrs Benita Okity Duah from clinching the seat for the NDC.
We the YOUTH FOR POSITIVE ACTION OF LEDZOKUKU are hereby sending a strong warning to our Executive in the constituency to with immediate effect;
1.desist from their ethnocentric posturing and mend all cracks and ensure a peaceful co-existence within the party.
2.tender their resignation if their conflict of interest will debar them from solving the burgeoning tribal division problems bedeviling the constituency on Hon Nii Nortey Dua and Hon Daniel Amartey to publicly render an unqualified apology to the legitimately elected candidate Mrs Benita Sena Okity-Duah for their earlier actions and inactions and also His Excellency President John Evans Atta Mills for the disaffection caused him due to the rancorous and chaotic situation in Ledzokuku Constituency.

We are therefore assuring them of a serious next line of action if our demands are relegated.

Philip Abusah(NDC Youth Activist and President) 0244034052
Stephen Sackey(NDC Youth Activist and Vice-President) 0249507747