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At Rainguard roof we have all types of roofing materials been long-span and standard.

we have the following materials in different thickness. 0.6, 0.5, 0.4, 0.35

Self-lock/standing seam (alum-zinc)
I B R (alum-zinc)
I D T (alum-zinc)
Tiles (alum-zinc)
and also have STANDARD SHEETS (alumzinc)

and also have Aluminum sheet ranging thickness from 0.6 to the lowest

and also have have Galvanize Sheet

we also have the following Roofing Accersories

All these materials come in different colours of your choice..... been DEEP OCEAN, OFF WHITE, DEEP BLUE, LEMON GREEN, MANUAL RED, WINE RED, JASPA, MIST GREEN, AQUA, ORANGE, and so on.

We offer you with the following
-Free Estimate
-Percentage on the product bought.
-Prompt Delivery
-Competitive Price and so on

Location: We are located at Sapieman opposite the Nasona filling station. Nsawam Road.

Call us: +233-302-944-587
Mobile: +233-244-299-117,+233-267-506-400, +233-264-098-969
Email: rainguardroof@yahoomail.com or rainguardroof10@gmail.com
Hope to hear from you

NB: you can mail us and we will send samples on our materials to you.. thanks