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On the November 10th 2009 Sergeant Kwabena Moses Kwasi an Airborne officer of the Ghana Armed Forces was arrested by his own colleagues in the Bawku municipality over leaking a secret information, which alleged over the inhumane manner two civilians were stripped down to their “birthday cloths”.

He was detained in military cells known as guardroom for almost nine months in connection for his disloyalty to military service.

After detaining him for nine months the Ghana Armed Force dismissed Sgt. K. M. Kwasi for his offense of leaking a sensitive tape of the security apparatus in Bawku. Speaking to DAILY GUIDE on 31th July 2010 in Kumasi- Dichenso his place of birth.

Sgt. K.M. Kwasi denied the allegation of been disloyal to Ghana Armed Force, but said it was based on a political interest. Saying that one would never understand the politics in the Bawku conflict unless one is part of it, and as military personnel in Bawku serving as a peacekeeper has made him see more of the politics in relation to the Bawku conflict, but he refused to go into details about this particular issue.

But however, he refer us back to the secret guerrilla trained camps in the Upper East Region, where one person was arrested for training civilian combatants to fight in Bawku, by name Sulemana Yusif Assanna and when he was transported to Accra for investigation and prosecution, ironically he was freed without any statement taken from him.

It is alleged his release was influenced by Hon. Cletus Avoka the then Minister for Interior and some top government executives. It is also alleged the Sulemana Yusif Assana has been employed as a National Security Operative at the castle, the seat of Government.

Having asked about the secret tape of the military and some politicians trying to manipulate the conflict in Bawku that many people are aware of, but opted not to talk about it publicly for the fear of any further military brutalities especially the people of Bawku.

However, Sgt. K. M. Kwasi did admit of given some raw tape to Mr. Issah Bolnaba Imoro who is a friend and native of Bawku munucipal, but never know what he is going to use it for, and he did not see anything wrong of giving some raw tape to Issah B. Imoro and that his action led to the stripping of two innocent persons in the Bawku area.

On the contrary, talking to the Commanding Officer of the Airborne Force Detachment of Ghana Armed Forces, Lt. Col. Issac Awuah Mantey on phone granted him by Asempa FM news hour, Lt. Col. Issac did said it was rather unfortunate that Sgt K. M. Kwasi case was not handle by the military court, the decision was made from head office.

On to whether it was based on political view, Lt. Col. I. A. Mantey said he cannot comment on that because he knew nothing about Sgt. K. M. Kwasi dismissal as he already said it was a decision from the head office in Accra.

Sgt. K. M. Kwasi said he was beatings severely by his colleagues the day he was arrested and asked of Issah B. Imoro house address, which he then gave them the family house address because the father house was burnt and Issah B. Imoro has believed to have been attacked by unknown persons.

The next day, 11th November 2009 the military when and arrested Rasheed Bukari and Hado Justine who are both humble professional teachers in the family house where there was torture and made to go naked in the principal streets of Bawku, which they were alleged of possession of ammunitions.

However, Sgt. K. M. Kwasi said possession of arm and ammunitions is a first degree offense especially in places like Bawku within the Ghanaian society. He made it clear that Rasheed Bukari and Hado Justine were accused for what they have no idea of and that the military in Bawku planted the evidence in them so as to prosecute them, forgotten the fact that it has a Ghana Armed Force name on them.

Ironically Sgt. K. M. Kwasi cited an example which he said if people can be sentenced by high count in Bolgatanga with hard labor for loitering around during curfew hours in Bawku, but cannot convict persons alleged of illegal possession of ammunition, which tells you that these boys were falsely accused.

Asking about his future Sergeant K. M. Kwasi said he just came from captivity and that he is still at the verge of settling down.

Author: Morgan Owusu -Kumasi.