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KNUST PORNO : Sex Scandel Hits KNUST

Kumasi, May 4, Pals news - The prestigious Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is once again making the headlines, this time not in academic pursuit but rather in a scandalous development involving two love birds.

Sources close to Pals news indicates that this two love bird has gotten themselves in a sex scandal which was captured on video and currently being circulated on the campus and around the Kumasi metropolis.

The 52 minute video footage dubbed KNUST PORNO has cut the eye of the schools authorities and unconfirmed reports indicates that those two individuals involved is being processed for dismissal anytime soon for dragging the name of the university into the muds.

The video footage which featured one Botuo and a lady nick-named Junky, engaged in hot rounds of sexual intercourse was captured in queens hall which is one of the halls in the university. Images of the video has been copied on students laptops , phones, PDA etc and its spreading like wild fire within and outside campus.

Pals news gathered that this couple one of which is known to be a s Stanch Christian had several rounds of hot sexual bouts on a bunk bed, from the scenes on the footage one could depict that there were already ready for action before there even entered the room.

Unconfirmed rumors indicates that the couple werent aware that their sexual escapade was being captured , according to sources the couples were setup by the guys room mate who intentional recorded the whole sexual bout by setting his laptops webcam and placing it in such a position to be able to capture the whole scene.

Pals news learnt that after the guy realized what his room mate had done he pleaded with him to delete the footage, considering the damage it can cause, his room mate deleted it but unfortunately for Botuo and her Krife girlfriend the room mate sold the laptop to a colleague in Unity Hall, who subsequently recovered the video recording from the recycle bin which began the process of the circulation.

Confirmed information indicates that the couple has since not been seen on campus after the video footage want public and currently its not clear what their fate may be.

NB : Watch out for the video footage only available for members of mycampuspal