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Commercial Espresso Machines From Grindmaster-cecilware

Commercial espresso machines are equipped for the true barista in your mind. The 3 espresso machines from Grindmaster-Cecilware brew a high quality espresso with there Espressimo?, Venezia II and Venezia espresso machines which can be all made in the USA with American parts.

An inline water purification has to be attached to all these machines for that warranty to stay effect. Cellular phone package which includes the in-line water filtration, part OPTESP, costs yet another $900. Barista training is needed and isn't within the base price too. Each one of these commercial coffee makers includes a high steam ease of cappuccino production. The amperage of such machines runs from 10A for your automatic/semi-automatic Venezia II, 1 Group towards the 27A for that automatic / semi-automatic Venezia II, 3 Group. Group number means the quantity of espresso heads which make the espresso beverage on a machine.

The Espressimo espresso machines come only within the 1 Group and 2 Group configurations with each head group having a steam wand. The pull from 15 to 17 amps, yet demand a 20 amp plug receptacle single phase.

The Venezia II comes in 1, 2 about three Group configurations. All of these machines are automatic / semi-automatic. Yet another Venezia II steamer pulls 13 amps, features a 6 quart boiler that can take an additional part of 19.38?x 21.81?x 22.75?of space. The weight is 88 pounds. Each one of these machines need a .5?pipe fitting connection, which can be required. The fishing line cord is roofed without a plug. Accessories included are a couple then one cup filter holder assemblies and hoses.

The Venezia espresso machines also have 1, 2 about three Group head machines which can be automatic / semi-automatic too. The blog boiler size for your Venezias is from a 6 quart size to an 18 quart size for that 3 Group heads. All produce 240 cups per hour per group head.

The attractive black/chrome design on all these machines complements any d?or. Additionally, an entire distinct espresso and cappuccino accessories are around for meet your needs. All commercial Expression? coffee machines are available in america with American parts.

Additional Espressimo accessories be single items as well as in kits. Kit 1 carries a stainless dump box with thick rubber cross bar, stainless-steel steam pitcher, stainless steel measuring spoon that holds 7 grams of coffee, tamper for flattening and leveling the bed of ground coffee and cleaner. Kit 2 features a water filter/softening system the includes the housing and two cartridges, dump box, steam pitcher, tamper and cleaner to back clean each group head. One packet of cleaner per group head ought to be done once per week.