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Photo Archive

Lake Bosumtwi[2004-03-10]
Lake Bosumtwi
March 8: Womens Day!!![2004-03-08]
March 8: Womens Day!!!
2004 Independence Day Pictures[2004-03-06]
2004 Independence Day Pictures
Atta Mills' Press Conference[2004-03-05]
Atta Mills' Press Conference
Ghana-India Kofi Annan ICT Centre.[2004-03-02]
Ghana-India Kofi Annan ICT Centre.
Atta Mills Campaigns @Makola[2004-02-29]
Atta Mills Campaigns @Makola
Ghana's Medal of  Honor[2004-02-26]
Ghana's Medal of Honor
Schroeder In Ghana[2004-01-25]
Schroeder In Ghana
German Media Award  For Annan[2004-01-22]
German Media Award For Annan
Accra Neigbourhoods[2004-01-08]
Accra Neigbourhoods
Painted On A Wall Somewhere In Ghana[2003-12-26]
Painted On A Wall Somewhere In Ghana