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Politics of Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Nana Addo is biting more than he can chew - Amoafo-Yeboah

The 2008 Independent Presidential candidate Kwesi Amoafo-Yeboah has criticized the NPP’s free SHS policy saying it does not empower the people to be able to take care of themselves.

Kwesi Amoafo is also not happy with the string of free promises being made some flagbearers, saying politicians who make such promises are only biting more than they can chew.

According to him, nothing can really be free considering the economic downturn of the country. He added that instead of making free promises to Ghanaians, it is better to provide the young people with opportunities that would enable them take care of themselves.

Kwesi Amoafo-Yeboah made these comments on Monday, when he met with the media over his endorsement of President Mahama for the December election.

“I am not a friend of anything free because free is never free. Wouldn’t it be better to say that we should provide opportunities for young people so that they can generate money for themselves and build a better life?” Mr. Amoafo-Yeboah said.

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