General News of Thursday, 12 June 2014


Down but not out: Bui Power Authority denies shutdown

Contrary to media reports that the Bui dam has been shut down, External and Community Relations Manager of the Bui Power Authority, Wombila Salifu, has said the power facility is still in operation.

“We have reduced significantly the level [of capacity], and so it may seem…or suggest that we’ve shut down [but] we haven’t shut down”, said Mr Salifu.

He said engineers are monitoring water levels in the dam to enable safe and feasible power generation capacity.

Earlier reports in the media indicated that Bui Power Authority on Tuesday stopped generating power totally following a previous announcement it has been compelled to reduce capacity due to low water levels.

The dwindling water levels have compelled the dam to produce only 1.44 million kilowatt-hours per day, as against a previous capacity of 90 megawatts daily.

“It may appear we have shut down but we haven’t shut down…If the inflows coming in accumulate to point where we think when we produce power we don’t expose our turbines to destruction, power will be produced”, said Wombila Salifu.