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General News of Sunday, 4 March 2012

Source: myjoyonline.com

How did Martin Amidu deal with incompetent attorneys? Agyenim-Boateng asks

A Deputy Minister of Information, James Agyenim-Boateng, is questioning the genuineness of former Attorney General, Martin Amidu as an anti-corruption crusader.

He suggested that Mr Amidu is putting himself up as a holier than thou person in the infamous Woyome judgement debt scandal, by issuing statements to accuse others of collusion in the Woyome case.

“You get the sense that Mr Martin Amidu seems to say that anything short of him, the state is unlikely to be successful in handling this matter - if you read or listen to his statement carefully,” Agyenim-Boateng remarked on Joy FM’s Newsfile hosted by Samson Lardy Ayenini on Saturday.

Mr Amidu after failing to name the minister of state he alleged was working against him just because he does not want to conceal a gargantuan crime, which later caused him his job, the astute lawyer has yet released another bombshell, Thursday. This time putting out names of state attorneys and a solicitor-general whose “quality and commitment” he questioned in the state’s attempt to retrieve GHC51 million he claimed was fraudulently obtained by Mr Woyome.

“But there are fundamental issues to be asked…, we had the immediate past Attorney General, at least His Excellency the President hadn’t trusted him with that office for close to one year, the question is, did he query any of these officers over competency issues when he noticed that their quality itself was a problem, as he puts it? That is a fair question to ask,” Agyenim-Boateng said.

He further wondered, after the issues had come to his notice, “what structural changes did he make to the place? What steps did he take? Did he, for example, communicate to his superiors…as to whatever he considers to be challenges facing the A-G’s Department in terms of the quality and competence of personnel and also the way forward? That you don’t clearly see; you don’t see sign of that at all in Mr Martin Amidu’s statement. ”

The Deputy Minister, in furtherance of that, refused to join the chorus of praise singers, apparently hoisting high Mr Amidu as someone who “deserves a standing ovation or applauds for being the number one anti-corruption campaigner”.

“We are even been told sometime back that he was a whistle-blower and all of that; whatever he was blowing the whistle on, we are yet to be convinced about that.”

But the Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide, Malik Kweku Baako, has a different view of Mr Amidu’s second statement.

He indicated that the 'quality' in that statement was “not talking about professional credential... it’s more of their commitment to this case that is at stake”.

He explained: “To be honest with you, if indeed this was the opinion - the advice articulated and delivered to the Attorney General then, Martin Amidu, by the solicitor general and the two attorneys - then, I wonder, unless there is a very drastic and dramatic revision of opinion on the part of these personalities, who are incidentally part of the ongoing case: assisting the incumbent Attorney General. Unless there's been a drastic, I repeat, and dramatic revision of their opinions and their understanding of the issue, then to be honest with you, I share Martins’ view that their commitment is suspect.”

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How did Martin Amidu deal with incompetent attorneys? Agyenim-Boateng asks

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