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General News of Saturday, 30 July 2011

Source: citifmonline

Same sex schools; a breeding ground for homosexuality - GES

The Ghana Education Service has conceded that same sex schools in Ghana are becoming breeding grounds for gays and lesbians.

GES, however says that neutralizing these schools, will not address the issue of homosexuality creeping into the Ghanaian society.

Teachers in some single sex schools have been reported recently of forcefully having sex with some of their students.

Students in these schools are also reported to be involved in intimate relationships with their colleagues.

Critics of homosexuality say these incidents show that single sex schools are promoting the practice.

The Deputy Director General of the GES, Stephen Adu told Citi News, a holistic approach is required to deal with the situation. He does not agree with calls for such schools to be converted into mixed schools.

“I will agree that homosexuality and lesbianism started with single-sex schools. It has become prevalent and so more people have become aware of it. This is just one of the many problems we have in our educational system".

"There are equally pressing problems in the mixed schools. So it will be difficult to say whether our secondary schools should be single-sex or mixed”.

Mr. Adu added that school authorities needed to apply different strategies in the management of both types of educational systems.

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Comment: Nonsense!

2011-07-30 11:26:30
Comment to:
Same sex schools; a breeding ground for homosexual


Are the insitutions for sex activities or places for the instruction of base precepts in moral ethics and priciples of conduct?

Ghanaians have failed or are failing in every field of disciple because those in charge are morally corrupt and destitute of high sense of direction.

By the way, the institutions of higher learning have never really reflected the embellished image often brandished about them; far from it. All the Secondary schools and Training Colleges in Ghana indulge in the same disgraceful attitude. This sex MIS-behavior has been the same since Adam; teachers/ Headmasters having sex with female students and privileging them during exams, female/male, student/student and girl/girl relationships. Who doesn't know they existed? We only play the classic ostrich in open hypocrisy. Who cares? We are failing everywhere, every minute - I just want to go a different planet, I am tired of our stupidity.
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